CVS Extra Care Coupon Center this week


Have you scanned your CVS Extra Care this week? Well get to know that this week the Red Box is printing out gold for some of us. Make sure you scan your card, and do it more than once (sometimes up to 3 times) until the box state that there is no more coupons available.  You might be walking out of your savings when you scan just one.   Remember that you can load to your card some of this coupons.  Just visit at your rewards and see what is there that you upload to your card.   This is the list of coupons available:

$ OFF or % OFF Coupons
$2/$8 Nut purchase
30% off Body Lotions
20% off Tampon, pad or liner
$7/$15  Almay Cosmetics Purchase
$2/$8 Duracell or CVS brand Battery purchase
$1.50/$5 Tums, Rolaids or CVS Brand Antacid
$2/$8 Body Wash, Bar Soap or Liquid Hand Soap
$7/$17 Revlon Cosmetics or Beauty Tools Purchase
$3/$10 Colgate Toothpaste, Toothbrush or Mouthwash
$2/$8 any Antacid, Probiotic, Heartburn or Stomach Remedy
30% off Pet Food, Treats, Toys, Accessories, Grooming Supply
$1.50/$5 Pet Food, Treats, Toys, Accessories, Grooming Supply
Specific Product Coupons
$1/1 Softsoap liquid hand soap or select moisturizing body wash
$5 off Preference Mousse Absolue
$5/2 Sally Hansen miracle Gel
$30/1 Jawbone or Misfit Fitness Trackers
$3/1 Revlon and Almay Cosmetics excl. ColorStay Shadow Link
1.50 off any Fabric Softener, Stain Remover or Fabric Refresher
$1/2 Band-Aid or CVS Brand Bandages
$3/1 Curel Lotion 13oz+
$2/1 Zyrtec, CVS Cetirizine or any Allergy Relief
$1/2 Wethers or Reisen 5.5oz bag
$1/2 Body Lotions
$1/3 Progresso soup cans
$3/1 Essence of Beauty New Naturally Indulgent Bath & Body
B1G1 Speed Stick Deodorant max. $4.49
$2 off Body lotions 

 CVS/pharmacy Brand Products are 100% guaranteed. Try them.

Let’s be smart with money. Look in my page for more options and deals.

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