Publix- Last minute trips Saturday and Sunday

These are pictures of my 2 trips to Publix this week.  They have until today the Gas Card sale where you can get a $10 discount when you spend $50 on groceries.  In addition to the Gas Card y used my $5 Winn Dixie coupon and several manufacture and store coupons in combination with the store sale.  (Remember that your local Publix will accept competitor coupons. The ones of your store are posted in the entrance of the Publix Store.  If you have questions ask a manager).  Well the first trip was for $72.61, for which only $22.61 is groceries and + $50 for the Gas Card.
I got cereal, pencils, 2 foot long subs and chicken tenders, frozen vegetables, chips, bread, cheese, yogurt and school supplies.  Only for $22.61 this one.
My second trip was today Sunday and I really just wanted the Gas Card discount, so I manage to buy groceries we use and need at home again.  It came out to only $17.08 on groceries after all coupons + $50 for the Gas Card and I bought Parmesan cheese, ketchup, tacos, nestle hot chocolate, several tuna pouches, a lot of yogurt, ground beef, Bubba Turkey burgers, sugar, Febreze Car, Nabisco assorted snacks, Kellogg’s Rice Krispie, Pepperidge Farm Breads and 2 travel size contact lent solution kits.
This is how I do it.  My budget is about $50.00 for groceries for which I used only $22.61 last week and I have used so far these $17.08.  The gas cards go in my gas budget for the month.  Making it make sense to you will help you achieve your own goals when it come to the easy and complicated world of couponing. Sales comes and go and some of them you will be able to stack if the price is right.  
Remember that your smartphone can be a crucial element in your saving journey.  There are applications now that give you cash back for the already cheap products you already bought.  
Sign up for these app here and make your shopping trips more cheaper.
  • Ibotta- Use referral code WTL5A to when downloading the application. Earn Cash Back store for several categories and stores and redeem for cash(direct deposit or Paypal) and several gift card options.  I get the cash for it. 
  • Checkout 51- Cash back for selected products (list change weekly) They mail you the check when you reach $20.00 which is easy to do.
  • Shopmium- Join with referral code YCGFYATN Cash Back for selected products. They pay for all your qualified cash backs as you earn them.  No need to reach any amount.
  • Shopkick- earn points when you visit the stores, scan or invite friends. Change for Gift Cards. 

There are more to come and I will keep updting the information as I use them and truly can provide you some feedback about the application. I use all of them simultaneously, you can too. 

Let’s be smart with money. Look in my page for more options and deals.
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