Shopmium- Free Lindt Chocolate Bar and New Offers to Cash Out

Shopmium, Exclusive offers in your store


Get to meet the new cash back opportunity out there for us; Shopmium

Earn cash back for some of your grocery purchases. 


With Shopmium is easy.  They have an exclusive list of products available for you to cash out.  The amounts are limited, so when the offer is gone is gone.  What I like about Shopmium is that they pay so fast, regardless of the amount of your rebate. I have received payments for even .25c sometimes.  So that is good news you dont need to reach an specific amount to get your money. Sign up for free and use the referral code YCGFYATN.  For a limited time when you join Shopmium is offering cash back for your purchase of a Lindt Chocolate Bar.  Yes, get a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar only when you sign up with the referral code YCGFYATN .  You will have one week for this special sign up promotion. All you have to do is buy the Lindt Chocolate Bar and scan the product UPC and submit the receipt.  Cash back takes only 2-3 days.

  1. Sign up for free with the referral code YCGFYATN.
  2. Download the application.
  3. Check the selected products that will offer you cash back.
  4. Purchase the product, scan the product and submit the receipt all at once.
  5. With Shopmiun you dont need to reach any amount to get your cashback.  They will pay you as you go, even if is less than a dollar.  Yes, receive your cash back directly to your paypal account or bank account.

Current Offers include cash back for you buying this products


Let’s be smart with money. Look in my page for more options and deals.ref

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