Snap by Groupon- New Cash Back App for your grocery purchases

Snap by Groupon is the new App that makes available offers to earn cash back for purchasing certain third-party products and services or taking a specified action (“Offers“).  No coupons, mail-in rebates, or shopper points. Just cash for buying the grocery products you need.
All Offers are subject to the Offer-specific terms advertised in connection with the Offer at the time of redemption.   All Offers have limited quantities and regardless of any purchase you have made, you can only redeem an Offer so long as it is still available and not sold out.

Get this week $1.50 when you buy both Lysol products.  This ones are on BOGO at Publix.

To redeem an Offer, you must either:
 (i) buy the product or service featured in an Offer (“Featured Product/Service“), upload an image of the receipt identifying the Featured Product/Service and select the applicable Offer(s) you wish to redeem;
or (ii) follow the instructions advertised on the Offer page. All receipts must be submitted within two (2) days of the purchase. The entire receipt must be submitted and legible. Receipts must be itemized and each item must have a description or UPC that allows Snap by Groupon to verify that the Featured Product/Service was purchased.
Receipts can be submitted multiple times by the same user but in no circumstance may more than one user submit the same receipt. All submitted Offers will be reviewed to determine whether it is a valid redemption of the Offer. If valid, the amount of the Offer will be credited to your account. Upon accumulating a minimum balance of $20.00 in your account, you may request payment of your account. The payment request must be for at least $20.00 (the “Payment Request Minimum“) and equal the entire amount in your account at the time of your request. You must then accumulate another minimum balance of $20.00 before becoming eligible for your next payment.
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